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Jeep 1988 comanche fuses and wiring

I have a 1988 Jeep comanche Pickup

Yesterday I lost my tail lights, park lights and Interior lights

I have checked the fuses and nothing is blown

Could their be another fuse box somewhere else ?

Could be one under your hood…did you look? The interior lights are definitely fused…so you must have a blown fuse …look for that first. I am guessing that you do not have the owners manual then? You can find this info on Jeep sites or online somewhere. Most car mfg have one fuse panel in the car and another under the hood…but the underhood one doesnt usually have the interior lights in it…that one is usually in the “in vehicle panel”.

If you don’t find a bad fuse make sure that power is getting to the fuses for those areas using a test light probe or meter. If that is ok then check for power at the light switch to make sure it is getting through the switch. The trouble may be with the switch.