Jammed 6 disc CD changer in trunk

I’m listening to my Eagles Greatest Hits CD in my 2000 Acura 3.5 RL. When it finishes, and automatically moves to the next CD in the changer, I decide I want to listen to the Eagles again. But when I select that CD, the changer makes some noise like it is processing my request, and I get an error code EO1. Now the radio works just fine, but my CD player won’t play, and shows the error code E01 when I select it on the console. My owners manual advises to push the release in the trunk unit, and if that doesn’t correct the problem, take it to a dealer! I’ve pushed the release in the trunk unit, and I can hear it trying to release the cartridge, but something seems to be jammed.

Can anyone tell me how to remove the stuck 6pack from the changer unit? There must be some simple trick, or catch, or combination to releasing my Eagles CD!!!

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

To quote Don Henley, “we are all just prisoners here, of our own device” (Hotel California).

Take it to a dealer. It’s impossible for us to determine what’s stuck over the internet.

I have a certain “knack” for inital disassembley of these type of things, the good news is you can do it also. Get the cover off and see what is jamming up the works, not as hard as you think.

Like the commercial says, for some people it’s perfectly normal to just grab a tool and fix things, for others not so. I’m guessing from the post that this individual is in the latter group. Fortunately for me, he isn’t alone. I’ve gotten more good stuff because it was “broken” when all it needed was some inexpensive “fix”.

actually, i am more in the former group. i have never fooled with this type of thing, and i don’t want to break anything, so i am looking for the key to getting inside the changer. How do you get the top off? Where is the release??

I’m willing to bet that if you stopped by the dealer’s service department and asked nicely they’d print you an “exploded view” drawing of the installation. I’ve done this numerous times. I have a folder at home with my collection.

great suggestion. i’ll stop there tomorrow. Thanks

In another life, I spent a number of hours dealing with jammed CD readers in PCs. My favorite – the second grader who placed a chocolate chip cookie in the tray and pushed LOAD. Anyway, if you have any tools and mechanical skills, you’ll almost certainly be able to recover your CDs intact.

Unjamming the player? Not impossible, but don’t bet on it.

Basically, you will probably need to remove the unit from the vehicle, figure out how it is held together, partially disassembly it and get your CDs back. The internal mechanism will probably be a bizzare collection of weird plastic pieces and tiny belts. If one of the belts has come off, you can probably put it back on. If one of the plastic rods, levers, etc, has broken or worn out, you are almost certainly out of luck. If the problem is that some foreign object like a twig or a piece of a stick on label has jammed the works, it’s possible that working with tweezers, dental picks, needles and maybe some isopropyl alcohol, you may be able to get it out without damaging the unit.

Failing that, I reckon, it’s the dealer