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2005 Honda 6 disc CD player

Is it possible to repair the 6 disc CD player in a 2005 Honda Accord (EX 4 cylinder). It won’t play, accept or GIVE BACK my cds…I keep getting an error message when I turn it on, but the radio works. I took it to the dealership and they tried to reset it but that didn’t work and the suggestion was to replace it. I really think a label from a cd is stuck and causing the problem…but what do I know?

Take it out of the trunk and remove the cover of the cd changer…Hondas have used Alpine CD changers for ever so …what you have there is probably an Alpine of some flavor…they just rebadge it.

I’d pop the cover off of it and see what you can see… I was a professional ICE (In Car Entertainment) installer for about 12 years in a previous life…lol. I have fixed a dizzying number of these changers…its usually something stupid.

Unless your changer is IN THE DASH…then its a bit trickier…but still the same take it out…take off the cover and remove whatev is in there…


Honda Blackbird share the trickier version please…it is, of course, in the dash…

oh and thanks!

Like he said,remove unit from dash, open the cover, and remove the discs. I did a similar thing for my brother’s 6-disc changer in a Ford Expedition. You’ll need a small set of screwdrivers, like jeweler’s tools, to get the cover off. The discs should be visible with the cover off.

I had Honda put one of these 6 CD changers in the dash of my '03 Civic. It worked fine for about a year, then had intermittent problems and now won’t work at all. Same symptoms as the OP. It isn’t a label, IMO. Whole unit is just junk and likely needs a replacement. Mine just sits in the dash useless now.

Take down or find code to radio.

First try and remove fuse to radio and reinsert.

If that does not work disconnect the battery cable for a 1 min or so and then reconnect.

I have found this to work on a few makes and even a Honda for odd errors.

The battery cable removal is essentially the same as a full reboot of a computer.

Raj is right, we had a customer who’s cd player did not work, they were in a wreck and when they got the car back the cd player worked great. He accused the body shop if replacing the cd player with out his permission. But apparently them disconnecting the battery and resetting it did the trick.

I can’t get my Honda pilot 06 CD changer in dash to accept CD’s or eject one if there’s one in it I hit eject and load both light up but nothing happens anyone have this problem before and if so how can I fix it