CD stuck in CD changer in the trunk




I think one of my CD is stuck in the 6 CD changer in the trunk of my car. It makes a sound and will not eject the CD changer. Please advise!!!


Take it to a car/audio installer. They “may” be able to help. dealers know nothing about them. That’s if you’re not comfortable removing the unit yourself.
BTW, if it’s not a defective cd, but a unit problem, you may have to replace it. These thinks aren’t always fixable otherwise.


Thanks, I was able to remove the case that holds the CDs. However the CD changer keeps running. I can hear the sound. I didnt put the case in but still hear it. How do I turn it off?


I’ve had luck,but not always, disconnecting the ground cable of the battery for a couple of minutes, then reconnecting it, with the CD player turned off the whole time. When the power is restored the CD “might” eject.