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Jaguar reliability

I have a leased 2002 Jaguar S-Type with 64K on odometer. It has been very problematic. Warranety has expired. On the 4th of July, the right front wheel separated from the suspension as I was driving into a parking place. Wheels don’t just fall off cars. I feel Jaguar has a responsibility to assist with repair, warranty or no warranty, because it manufactured a car that is obviously defective. This is not a routine maintenance issue. What can I do?

You can petition Ford, but unless the terms of your lease specify otherwise, you’re past the warranty therefore out of luck. Check the tersm of the warranty carefully. Perhaps there is an “out” there.

I’m confused-- is this car leased or do you own it? If it’s leased, you should only be responsible for doing the maintinence, right? Or are you saying it was a lease return?

Unless there’s a recall about this issue, Jaguar has no obligation to help you with this repair. Some carmakers will occasionally do a “goodwill” repair on a vehicle out of warranty if you ask politely, but usually only on makes that are highly prized for their reliability, which Jaguar is not.

Leases vary. The ones I’m familiar with make the lessee responsible for repairs beyond a certain warranty. But, knowing that, I think the best thing for the OP to do is look at the lease paperwork.

If you leased a used car, it is possible that the suspension was damaged in an accident that you are unaware of. A lot could have happened to the car between the time it left the showroom and now. Jaguar can’t be held responsible for everything that transpired in the last 6 years. Still, you should have it evaluated when it is repaired to see why it occured. Read your lease carefully and see if you are responsible for damage not due to normal wear and tear or your abuse. You may be able to get out of it, but you need to know what responsibilites are yours.

I have never owned a Jaguar. Partly because in the past people I knew who did, were involved a lot in repairs. If it is possible today to use Jaguar and reliability in the same sentence without choking, they are much improved. Glad to hear that.