My 1967 Jaguar 340 [Mark II] in Shop for One Year!

My Jag with broken power steering was towed to Craig’s Auto in San Francisco almost a year ago. The place was and is recommended. Each time I call, they tell me it will be ready soon. Do I bring doughnuts, a rose for the car, or call my lawyer?

Ridiculous. Ask them when it will be ready, go there at that time and wait. Closing time comes, sorry I’m waiting, you told me it would be ready, repeat. Or tell them you are calling a tow truck to take it to another mechanic and will pay them NOTHING. Usually no sympathy for people with Jaguar problems but in your case I make an exception.

I would never have allowed this to go on for 6 months, much less a year.

Any particular reason for this delay? Surely it can’t be a parts availability issue.

Are they charging you the customary $25/day storage fee? I hope so…

Does Craigs Auto normally work on 1967 Jaguars?

Try this…Ask them what parts they need to repair your car then YOU locate and obtain those parts and deliver them to the shop…

You should hope that this is not a case of FOL (fell off lift).

You go down there and see your car in person, because either they’re screwing around and don’t deserve your business, or as Jesmed said, they banged it up and are hoping you won’t find out.

Why have you waited a year before taking action?

Thanks to you all.

Thanks for what? The little good advice rendered is based on zero information provided about why the car has been there for a year.

Providing more info may lead to more advice.