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Excessive Tire Wear

I have a 2005 Jaguar X-Type, all wheel drive, that I brought used last year. The driver’s side rear tire has worn out four times since I purchased it, much faster than the other tires. No one seems to know the reason. Can anyone help?

Has anyone checked the wheel alignment? Four tires in one year indicates a SERIOUS alignment issue or suspension damage.

Is it possible the car was damaged in a crash before you bought it?

You need to take this car to a wheel alignment specialist and have it thoroughly checked over.

You need to tell us what the wear pattern on the tire looks like. Is it worn on one side, both outer edges, in the center, cupped treads, feathered treads? Worn in one spot on the tire with plenty of tread in other areas? This info will help.

If the alignment checks out, then your “All Wheel Drive” has turned into a “One Wheel Drive”…

The car should have multi-link independent rear suspension. Abnormal tire wear is going to be caused by something on that side being out of alignment or something is damaged/worn; with the latter contributing to the former.

I didn’t know about a rear wheel alignment. That sounds like a good possibility. Thanks.

The wear is from the inside out, almost exclusively in the center and cupped.

This is my biggest fear!

You may have more than one problem. As OK4450 pointed out below, you have, or should have a multi link suspension with independent rear axles, so the rear wheels can be aligned, but if they are that far out of alignment, something may be bent. It should also have struts in the rear and I’m guessing the one on the drivers side is damaged.

A strut shouldn’t be too expensive, but you will probably have to replace both rears at the same time, and on a Jag, I’d guess somewhere in the neighborhood of $4-600. If there is a bent part in the back, It might be able to be compensated for in the alignment. The bent part could be the strut so that would save you some money.

Stand, or squat behind the car and look at that tire. If the top leans in significantly, it is probably all in the strut or the upper strut mount. Good luck.

My alignment guy confirmed this morning that the rear is out of alignment, by 1.5 degrees. I don’t know what that means exactly, but he’s now looking for a “kit” to fix it. I’m hoping this does the trick.

Thanks so much for your help and suggestions. I’ll make sure he checks the struts at the same time.

Since the alignment guy confirmed the obvious, this issue should really make you wonder about the mechanic(s) to whom you brought the car previously.

Going back to one of your original statements, “No one seems to know the reason”, any mechanic who does not check wheel alignment when tires wear out prematurely is NOT a competent mechanic.

If a driver’s side rear tire wore out 4 times in 4 years, bad alignment should have been a VERY obvious cause. This is not rocket science. Look for a new mechanic!