Reviews on 2000 to 2003 JAGUAR CARS after being bought by Ford


Is buying a 2000 JAG a wise decision? I really like the car but have heared bad comments about it.


It would not be a good idea for me. I rented one once and did not like it. It did get a lot of attention however.

It is really a question for you.  You might check Consumer Reports or other sources of reliability issues and add that information to your decision.  Generally it is not a good idea IMO to put too much faith into those reliability reports however.  While they are true, for the vast majority of cars the difference between the best and the worse is less than most people assume.  Individual sample differences are a lot greater.


well. . Jaguar has never exactly been famous for its reliability. The old joke was that a jag spent all winter in the repair shop so it could make it through the summer driving season.

Ford actually improved that quality somewhat, although bringing reliability up to Ford standards is not exactly a goal of stratospheric heights.

So it’s better than, say, an 80’s or 90’s Jag, but still not great.

And under ford the back ends on most of 'em started to look suspiciously like a Taurus.


Personally, I wouldn’t be interested in a ford/jag. If you can find an older one that doesn’t look like a ford rental car, make sure you have it checked out by a good indy shop or a dealer before you make an offer. The older ones are much cooler, but they can be a little finicky. Good luck.


Avoid the X-type in 2002 (first year). But the XJ or S from 2000 to 2003 have better than average repair records according to JD Power.

BTW, which model are you interested in?


A friend had a '90s XJ6. He got fed up and dumped it after an $1100 rear brake job. Perhaps they’ve dumped the inboard brakes as someone said the rear end resembled a Taurus. I don’t know if he was speaking of the rear end styling of the car or the differential.


Unfortunately, the whole car resembles a taurus, maybe someone can talk the guys who rescued aston martin from ford into buying jag; while there is still something left to save.


I don’t think I ever heard that the X or S resembled a Taurus. The S shared a floor pan with a Lincoln but there were a lot of differences. It certainly handles a lot better than a Lincoln. I have known people who have had good success with them but a friend has an XJ that has had a lot of problems-differential replaced, air suspension issues, leaks, etc. Still a very nice car to drive on the road, however.


Maybe I’m thinking of a different model, I lost interest in them when ford got involved.


Cool jaguar. . .

Taurus jaguar. . .


Cool jaguar. . .

Taurus jaguar. . .


Exactly, I would love to get my hands on a good XK 120 for less than the cost of two new fords, I’ll pass on the ford/jag.


Back around 92, you could get used Jags for what they were worth, then the used prices started to inflate. For the cost and the maintenance cost, it would not be wise to buy one. They can be a lot more of a headache then even their reputation indicates. Just count the Jaguar dealers that you know of. They aren’t everywhere. Of course, if you are rich, you can get any car you want.


BTW, that XK 120 coupe would be worth up to about $80K in restored condition today (less than 3000 total coupes were built), but the roadsters are still worth more. I wonder how much that ford will be worth in 50 years, how about 5 years?


Jaguar 2000 to 2003 model? You’d better avoid them. While I believe Cosworth did a good job though, the chassis is not reliable regardless of the model/year.


As a side note…I read that Ford is selling off Jag AND Volvo.


Best news I’ve heard all day.


BTW, I just heard a NPR segment on ford’s plans to sell jag and volvo. They had a good time joking with some auto industry analyst about how ford thought they could sell more jags by “updating” them to look like a taurus. Their consensus seemed to be that ford had less time to screw up volvo because they haven’t owned them as long.

The one interesting point was that BMW is apparently looking at purchasing one or both, but that sounded like rumor. Hopefully, someone will rescue them soon. Whoever buys them, it may take some time to undo the damage. Someone needs to give them some capital and leave them alone so they can get back to building cars.