Isurance bargains

Automobile insurance does a lot of advertising and they make all manner of claims and promises but the claims are about as vaporous as political ads. For more than a decade I had insurance with one of the most highly advertised companies on television but a few years ago I questioned having a significant raise every year and after a short review of a few offers I saved about 60% to change and I’ve been happy for the change. But today I got another junk mail from the former insurer making all kinds of claims re how much they can save me so out of curiosity I got on line to see what had changed but there’s no way to find out anything unless you register and log in, even an email can’t be made unless registered. The site claims registering is to ‘protect’ me but I feel certain the real reason is to give them a better target to throw spam at. Insuring automobiles must be a gold mine.

both sides play their part of the game, don’t they?

I’m on heavily advertised major insurer, who started low, but after 7+ years they raised the premium substantially with zero claims and violations on our side.

I made my homework and was ready to switch, then made final courtesy call saying “guys, it’s enough, I’m leaving”, then my premium was literally cut in half and it stays like this after 2 renewals so far

it pays to shop around and to engage in reasonable bargaining talk

I compared a few insurance providers last Oct., at renewal time. 3 different quotes, independant representing many companies, and Geico would have saved me 30% but deal killer was they did not offer gap insurance for the leased car, they said check with the lease company etc. Stuck with my agent in a brick and mortar building, 30 years he has been our agent. I know any questions I can call and talk to him as we have car, house, umbrella and boat. Not saying you need a brick and mortar, but make sure all your needs are covered.

I’ve had the same company since I was 17 with a $26 auto policy. I’ve been reasonably happy and been treated well for the few claims I’ve had. The thing is though, if you have anything, you really need an umbrella liability policy, and for that you need auto and home with the same company since the umbrella doesn’t kick in until the other limits are exhausted. That’s why they are cheap. Plus the lawyers are free. Hit a school bus and outside of the emotional impact, you’ll be paying financially for life.

I’ve been with an independent agent for many years and remain now despite my disappointment that it was necessary that I make a visit to his office and question the ever increasing premium before any notice was made there. My history with the agency goes back to when I had a $million garage owners policy but now I’m just another shopper it seems and the agency now being owned by a regional back may also make me less noticeable.

My current disgust with insurance comes from my waste of time contacting the company that previously carried all my insurance. Out of the blue they sent me a grand bundle of advertising assuring me they could save me money and offered an on line connection to compare their product to my current insurer’s but the link was a trap to get my phone number or email address so they could hound me. There is obviously no way to contact a human being who can answer specific questions and provide answers, only a link to web site made to impress the easily impressed. And the 800 number provided the usual recording of choices 1 through ? for canned generic answers. But of course they have a successful operation so why should they change anything.

Insurance claims are all BS and nothing more than a method to get your contact info and start spamming you to death.

We still have a landline, for whatever reason it is $10 a month less than no landline and internet. I turned off the answering component on the phone, I use that number for grocery store cards etc. Must get 5 calls a day from anonymous etc. Occasionally I will answer just for kicks, your car warranty is expired (duh 2003) etc., if you don’t want these messages any more press 2, does not seem to work. @ok4450

Not sure what you mean.

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what I mean by insurance claims is the idea that all of them promote by stating they’re 30% cheaper than the other guy and so on. Everyone I ever checked was higher than what I’m paying now. It then led to perpetual spamming even after I told them to bug (polite term) off.

Same thing as car dealers all claiming they’re cheaper on cars than the other guy.

The landline actually saves money for us as it is bundled with cable and internet. It helps to have it. I get free no more robo with my cable company and I also give the number out for car dealers and other places I know will call me for BS offers. Mother in law is also on that list :slight_smile:

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Because when you pressed 2, you just told them that it’s a valid phone number, they’ll quit calling, but now they have a validated good phone number to sell to the next company.

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