My insurance went up 30% - I don't know the reason

GEICO raised its bid 30% for 2018. I didn’t get a ticket (and drove only 200 miles) in 2017 (have had only 2 tickets in 47 years, the last 20 years ago). It’s liability only. They give me a non-answer when I ask. I tried a couple of other places (Progressive and AAA) but they’re no better. Is this general? Does it happen with age (I turn 65 later this year)?

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Maybe it is age but I thought it is better for 65 and gets worse around age 80.

If your other quotes are similar, then you don’t have much to do. Usually when I inquire they say “General increase in rate”, which means adjustment for inflation, increase in car accidents in your area, CEO vacations and so on.

Make sure they have the correct # of miles you drive each year, see if there is a defensive driving course you can take.

I’ve got State Farm with full coverage, homeowners, and an umbrella. The only time my car insurance has gone up is when I have traded and the value increases and I’m over 65. My homeowners went up about $4 a month this year but that’s about it. I don’t insurance shop though and been with them for over 50 years. Liability is usually pretty cheap though. I had it on my car that just sat and it was about $200 a year.

I have a question about the GEICOs and Progressives - I’ve always had State Farm. Do they have local agents or do you have to conduct all your business via the phone, mail, and internet?

Progressive I get through an agency. I had State Farm for over twenty years but, living in Florida, had to switch when SF stopped insuring boats and homes.
Not sure but I think GEIKO also has agents.

I have GEICO too, for years now.
Last renewal they also bumped me up around 30%.
I’m under 50 yet.
That was a little bit more than I would simply let slide under the rug, so I went online and made few quotes, resulting in around 40% lower bids from Progressive and AllState.
At that point, I picked up the phone and told GEICO “listen guys, I’ve been your loyal customer for X years, never reported a claim to you, so before I leave, I give you a chance to make it right”.
After 2-3 minutes agent spent “consulting the supervisor”, I’ve got lover premium than the best other bid I was getting from Progressive, they also lowered my deductible to $100 “as a token of appreciation you are staying with us”.
Received another renewal late last week: premium increased a little bit, but definitely stayed competitive.

Moral of the story: get some homework done and talk to them, you might get surprised :slight_smile:

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Same here, albeit with a different company.
With the exception of when I bought my last new car in 2010, my insurance costs have dropped by a few dollars every year for the past 10 years or so.

I would suggest that the OP keep calling around for better quotes, and–if you live in either NJ or PA–you should definitely contact New Jersey Manufacturers Ins. Co. They are consistently rated either #1 or #2 in Consumer Reports’ ratings of insurance companies, even though they do business in only 2 states. For a NJ or PA resident, it would be difficult to beat NJM’s rates.


GEICO doesn’t have local agents. Well, for me they are local, but I live near D.C. and their headquarters is in DC.

The only time my insurance rates increased was when buying a new vehicle or each time one of my kids got their drivers license. Even though I was the primary driver - as long as they were in my household and under 25 my rates went up a lot. Also with State Farm. Been with then for over 40 years.

If my rates go up, and the ins. company can’t tell me why, I start shopping around.


My USAA rates doubled on me when I bought my truck. I dropped USAA like a hot potato and went back to Geico. My rates dropped back into the normal range. USAA got my business by offering a lower rate and lost my business when they tried to rob me. There is no rhyme or reason why insurance companies charge the rates they do. They just do.

I buy from an independent agent and for many years had Progressive which I was happy with until the premium crept up. When I complained the agent gave me several options and State Farm cut the cost 40% but it’s been a few years and now SF is creeping up.

Rates are one way to judge an insurance company, but claims are another.

I was hit by an uninsured driver about 45 years ago. I had All-State at the time. I was uninjured, but my truck was totaled. I had to fight with All-State for every penny. The negotiation went on for almost 2 months. I finally settled with them. Their final offer was more then double what the initial offer. I had to prove to them that I could not buy a vehicle similar to mine and condition and mileage anywhere close to their initial offer. Luckily I had my dads car I could use. I dropped them within a week after I cashed their check. Over the past 40 years with State Farm we’ve had some claims and it was never a hassle and always fair.

I know a body guy in NH who won’t deal with Geico. If you have a new car and Geico insurance he’ll tell you to take your business elsewhere. Told me a horror story of some guy with a new vehicle (2 months old) and a smashed up front-end. Geico wouldn’t pay for NEW parts…only used. Well there weren’t any used parts. The vehicle was too new. It sat in his parking lot for over 2 months waiting for used parts. The owner finally gave up and authorized to pay the difference (which was well over $2000 for NEW parts).

A lot of it depends on who’s working your claim. I also have State Farm, and they’re playing every game they can think of to avoid paying what they owe on a hail damage claim for my house. We’ll be looking into switching once it’s settled.

Also probably what State you live in. My claims have been small (no totaled vehicles). I’m sure many people will have different experiences. But since mine has been good with State Farm, I see no reason to switch.

Yeah - the lowest tranche is 6K; I haven’t driven that little in 13 years.

I’ve been taking those since I qualified; the quote’s based on it.

They quoted twice the rate GEICO & Progressive offered.

Wow! USAA has such a great reputation and the advantage of a more-responsible pool.

I get junk mail from them in Albuquerque.

I don’t have collision (I can live without my 30-year-old pickup - or replace it if I need a new one) so this doesn’t matter.

How they handle liability claims also matter.

We had hail damage a few years ago too. It took a few weeks to schedule the adjuster but when he came, he wrote me a check that morning for two thirds of the estimated cost. The other third would be there after the work was done. Got it done for the 2/3rds and they forgave the deductible. That’s State Farm in So. Minnesota and on a nearly 20 year old roof. But I have replacement cost so age doesn’t matter.

The thing about SF though is that it is a mutual company so more like a coop. Profits and losses are shared by the members for good or bad. But each state is a different risk pool.

Really? It’d be an odd event that the insurer wouldn’t pay damages but a court would find the insuree liable.

Yea…Really. If an insurance company doesn’t handle it correctly - then YOU could be held responsible for damages.