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Geico Insurance 1/2 the cost, any experience with them?

Curious me. Am Fam and Erie my other quotes.

No I don’t. But when I switched insurance I checked with my body shop to see how their experience had been dealing with various companies.

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Good idea!

I’ve been with GEICO since I started driving. First on my mother’s policy when you actually had to be a govie to get a policy, then on my own since then. I have only positive experiences with them. BTW, that’s 50 years of experience.

Geico is 1/2 cost of Amer. Fam? Or, AF is twice the price of geico? Why is AF so high? We have geico. $50/mo full coverage. Last 10 yrs liability is 30/mo. Collision is 30 more or 50-60 appx. <$30/mo for ins is nice for our cheap cars.

I’ve had GEICO for about 10 years. I haven’t made a claim though. My parents were with them for many years, starting in the '50s. I never heard them complain. Then again they may have had only 2 claims in all that time.

I dunno, I’ve just never shopped rates for insurance-well maybe once but I got over it. I’ve had State Farm since I was 16 and never had a problem. I think my rates are less than $300 per car per six months. I have car, home, and umbrella with them. But its like a co-op, if they make money rates go down and if they have bad claims experience due to weather or whatever, rates go up. I don’t know what the new rates in Florida, Texas, Carolina, etc. will be.

I had State farm for 40 + years when 2 0f my grandchildren went to work for Geico. I called Geico for a rate quote just so one granddaughter would get a referral fee and was shocked when I got the same coverage at 2/3 the price. I have been happier with Gieco’s service than I ever was with State Farms. I can make policy changes 24 hours a day 7 days a week . At State Farm I could only make changes when my agent’s office was open. I found this out when I bought a brand new car and called my State Farm agent to switch py policy over. A little over 2 weeks later, on a Sat. am I got my policy in the mail and found out I had been driving my new car without collision or comprehensive. Worse , it was a Mon. holiday weekend and my Agent would not be open until Tuesday. I called an 800 number for State Farm and was told they could take a report or start a claim but could not give me proper coverage . That had to be done with my agent.