Auto Insurance for my wife

I decided to purchase a new car for my wife. I have bought mine a couple of years back, and its auto insurance is not satisfactory. I was wondering if I could avail of another insurance company’s services for my wife’s car rather than the old one as I came across an auto insurance offering excellent additional coverage and affordable premium rates. But as I am not familiar with it, I need some help. Could someone help and advise me if you have two different insurance companies for their cars?

The chance of someone having two different insurance carriers is really low . Seriously if you don’t like yours then move all of yours to one company because that is how you get discounts .

A web search will get you ratings on most companies and ask relatives , friends or coworkers how their insurance has treated them.

How is your current insurance “not satisfactory”?
In my opinion both you and your wife should be on both policies for both cars. Have you talked to your home/rental insurance agent?

I concur. By having different carriers you miss out on multi-car discounts and also having bundle packages that include a home. If you think you can get a cheaper rate for your wife with another company then chances are you both can benefit.

I NEVER EVER shop for the cheapest rates. I shop for coverage. Not all insurance coverage’s are the same. How well an insurance company handles a claim is far more important then how cheap they are. If you know any auto-body shops ask them if there are any insurance companies that they have problems with. What ones they avoid.


Is it possible the OP is a shill for the insurance website they posted?

The situation seems a bit contrived to me.


Mustang , I think you are correct and it appears the poster is in Canada . Might be time for Bat Signal to Carolyn .


I didn’t even notice the link before. I concur. And I find that only the lowest of low companies do this type of advertising. Good honest companies don’t advertise this way. Ever see a company advertise this way - it tells me STAY AWAY…they are totally sleaze.


@MikeInNH your comment to @VOLVO-V70 triggered that thought for me so I clicked on the website.

If it is clickbait, it is well contrived as tbe situation is not a normal one.

If it isn’t, the comments are on point. The multi car discounts are being left on the table for the OP.

It could very well be. I go to these conferences all the time on internet security…and this type of advertising is becoming very prevalent. And as I said…legitimate companies don’t advertise this way.