Iso help car problems

I have a 2006 Hyundia Sonota GLS 3.3L FWD.

When driving my car it lost acceleration and made a somewhat grinding noise. After hearing this and pulling over to park it to see what was up it would roll in Park then noticing that I tried putting it back into drive and it would grind again and Roll as will. This happend and would roll and grind in all gears and wouldn’t move. When getting it towed the breaks were very touchy. After towing and parking the car and jacking the front end up with both wheels off the ground, starting it and putting it in drive while jacked up I looked underneath the car and the transaxle I think it’s called that connects into the transmission was spinning but not the CV axle on both sides of the car. Before this happend the CV axle/joint whatever would click a bunch and No Check Engine light came on when whatever broke. Anyone know what happend?

It sounds like the inner CV joint is rotating but the axle shaft is not.
With the engine off, the transmission in park, have someone hold the right side tire from rotating, rotate the left side tire and look for the broken joint (the boot will be ripped apart and the axle shaft will rotate but not the joint).

That indicate that complete CV joint failure is in the future.

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