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Anyone that can help

I was coming home from work one day stopped at the store started my Car and when I put it into gear it just revved up this is also true for reverse. I have been told it could be a cv joint axle. I just want to make sure before I spend money. Anyone that can help me I’d greatly appreciate it

The point is that some mechanic is going to have to look and see. Bring it in by tow truck and we’ll have a look at her. Could be this or that but you will never know until you get er in.

Has your car been leaking transmission fluid? Have you checked your transmission fluid and what color is it? Dark brown and burnt smelling- you need a new transmission or car. Pink and frothy or milky, the transmission cooler in your radiator has failed - You need a radiator and probably a transmission or a new car.

A broken CV joint should have made some noise when it failed.

The only thing that would be relatively inexpensive is if your shift mechanism or linkage has come apart.

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