Is this car totaled?


I got in a fender bender today and would like a preliminary opinion on the damage. I assume it’s totaled, but thought I would check in here to hear from you all.

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my crystal ball says… ouch!

a picture would help.

Yup, no doubt, it is totaled…

Just kidding!

No picture, no description of the car in any way… Just how would anyone asses this?

Sorry, I’ve just attached photos. First time posting here.

I do not think it is as bad as you think. this can be repaired. depending on the year of your vehicle and its value will determine if your insurance will cover the repair.


No year, no miles… all considerations on whether or not the car is totaled. It looks old, I’d say it is totaled, especially if an airbag went off.

It is really up to your insurance company. But anything can be fixed. It is all a matter of how expensive the repair is compared the the value of the car.

Sorry it’s 2008 with 140,000 miles on it. Airbags didn’t deploy.

Do you suggest I find my own repair shop or have geico find theirs?

GEICO for sure. I’ve had GEICO since I started driving in 1968, and their choice has always done a good job. They deal with repair shops every day and know who does good work at a reasonable price. I’d say the same thing about any major insurer, but I happen to be a long time, satisfied GEICO customer.


I think you’re looking at $3-4000 just from the picture. Pretty similar to mine where they started at about $2000 but before they were done with all the trim and hidden parts they were up to $3000.

[quote=“jtsanders, post:8, topic:180614”]
GEICO for sure. I’ve had GEICO since I started driving in 1968, and their choice has always done a good job. They deal with repair shops every day and know who does good work at a reasonable price

Agree about ten or so years back someone backed into my wife’s car they had Geico we used the shop they suggested they had a rental car waiting for her when she got there when we got the car back it looked like it was never hit other than us knowing where the damage was the thing that impressed me the most was how good they matched the paint it was a red car and I know how hard red is hard to match.

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We have Geico too. bringing my daughters car to the body shop tomorrow. she got hit in the rear. we are using a Geico shop. we used it before and I knew about their work quality from working in the same town. you can sign on too Geico’s site and it will give you a list of their shops and pick one. just do a customer review search on the different auto body shops to help you pick one.

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I’ll stray just a little off course . . .

I’d get that Prius fixed, versus shopping for ANY car right now, new or used

The devil you know . . .


It could be $2000 to $4000 to fix. If the car is worth less than that then the insurance will say it is totaled. But the value of the car now could be $3000 undamaged and it could still be sold for $1500 damaged to someone who wants to pull parts from a junk yard and fix it, or possibly patch it up and never fix it completely. So from the latter perspective it may not be totaled even if the cost to repair it is greater than a replacement.

Remember the days when cars had metal bumpers and parts sticking up several inches on each side so that this wouldn’t happen if you rear ended an SUV with a tall bumper?

Doesn’t look that bad to me but that area around the right front strut tower and inner fender should be carefully inspected for any buckling or paint cracking.

As mentioned, it’s a bad time to be looking at other cars due to prices. A 2008 with only 140k miles is a known given. Others could be a pig in a poke.


Well folks, unfortunately it was totaled (~$7000 in repairs). So, I’m on the hunt for something new. Looking for a used car, oldest I’d go is 2015 and highest mileage is ~65,000. Would prefer a hybrid or electric. My upper limit is $15k.

I created a spreadsheet with important info on 4 car options I’ve found. Would anyone be willing to take a glance and offer some insight? Used Car Options - Google Sheets

Which on board charger does the Leaf have? The base 3.6 kW charger takes 7 hours to charge with 240v service and 21 hours with 120v house service. The optional 6.6 kW on board charger cuts 240v time to 4 hours. There is also an optional DC charge port that charges on 240v to 80% in 30 minutes. I doubt that you want to use 120v charging since it takes so long.

Hi @jtsanders - it has the 6.6 kW on board charger. Think it’s a good deal? Used 2015 Nissan Leaf S for sale in Sunnyvale, CA 94087 | Kelley Blue Book

That 82 mile range is not going to be that much every time . What if you have to go some where that will more than that . That short range is why it sold in low numbers and was discontinued

That range will not even get me to our doctor and back…


Your link says it’s no longer available. If you buy an EV, are you going to charge at home, and will you buy a 240v charger and have it installed? I checked into it and it would have cost me $2000 to buy the charger, have a 240v circuit breaker installed, run the wires across the house, then have the charger installed. I wouldn’t buy an EV without buying the high voltage home charger too. I doubt that Cali offers tax incentives for used EVs so the charger is all on you.

The charger will probably last as long as 4-5 EV vehicles…so the cost would be spread out over decades.