Is this car totaled?

I looked at the list

I would stay away from those Fords on your list

Thanks for looking. Can you tell me why?

It might, but how will the buyer recoup the installation cost if they sell the house? I doubt that they will get much if any of the installation cost back as an increase in home value. Also, even though it may last a long time, it’s still a sunk cost no matter how long it is amortized.

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I have a dim opinion of the Ford quality and reliability, as far as those particular vehicles go

If I were planning on buying a Ford, it wouldn’t be a Focus or Fiesta

I’d buy a used Ford Fusion hybrid before I bought a Fiesta or Focus, for example

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Moving one and reinstalling it isn’t a big deal. And in years form now if EV’s become the norm it actually might help you sell the home. There are also portable EV chargers that you can bring with you. And who knows what will be in 10 years.

The automatic transmissions Ford used in those years were complete garbage.

Body work is crazy expensive.