2009 Toyota Prius likely to be totaled?

I was sideswiped on the freeway by a mac truck in a hit & run. It was the passsenger side but some bump under the car as well. what are the chances that my insurance company will total my car?

An 11 year old car, chances are pretty good they’ll total it.

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It really does not matter what I think the insurance company will do does it ?

So you come here, ask a question about damage to your car with no picture of the damage and no info on the condition or mileage on the car.

Flip a coin. The answer you get will be as accurate as anything we can give you.

I’m a betting man, though… it will be totaled


Totaled, you are lucky.

@VOLVO_V70 is correct. No one here can determine if it will be totaled…Even if someone here is an automotive insurance adjuster. They’re not YOUR insurance adjuster.


You didn’t give information about Prius model, mileage, or condition, or are there any pictures. If it is a standard Prius with about 110,000 miles and in clean condition (best practical condition), it could be replaced at a dealership for about $7200. That’s the most an insurance company would spend to fix it. If the entire side is wiped out, I’d guess it’s totaled. It doesn’t take a lot of damage to blow through $7000.

All this talk is just that. Get an estimate from your insurer and see what happens. Let us know what they offer if they don’t fix it and the other information I asked for and we can help you figure out if the offer is decent or not.