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Is this a Cadillac part?

I have purchased a car part, I believe it fits a Cadillac hood. Can anyone tell me if I am correct, and what year it might fit?

The part in the back fits a 1958 Chevrolet Medium Duty VIKING 40 truck.

Take a better photo on a dark background, with nothing else in the picture, then go to, click images, and follow the prompts to search with an image rather than with words, by uploading the photo to Google.

I’m thinking it is a DeSoto crest from the 1950’s. It isn’t a Cadillac part.

That doesn’t look like the Cadillac logo. Maybe Desoto. A clearer photo would help.

That looks like a ship in the middle, that would be off a Plymouth.

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It looks like a Plymouth emblem to me, circa 50s IIRC.

I agree, looks like the Plymouth logo.

Thanks I guess you have the Right Stuff.