Identify these bears' favorite car

Taken in Yellowstone ca. 1955

If it isn’t actually a Chrysler, it is clearly a Chrysler product.
If it isn’t a Chrysler, I think that it is likely to be a DeSoto.

It looks like a 1950 DeSoto to me.

I’m guessing a 49 Chrysler

After consulting my reference books, I’m pretty sure that it’s a '49 DeSoto.

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No idea, but a cool picture. Yellowstone is awesome. We went there on vacation recently and I hope I get to return someday.

If I wasn’t born a “southerner”, I’d hope I was born a “westerner”. Although I’d like to see the NH, VT area too. But not in the winter!

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These signs were in all the park bathrooms. I got a kick out of it. But I’m not averse to low brow humor. Enjoy:


Chrysler Windsor. '49 looks right. The '48 didn’t have the small horiz chrome strip behind the front wheel.

(Hub caps & fender badge by the cub are the Chrysler script. Def not DeSoto.)


I changed my original answer. It is a 1949 Chrysler. The hubcaps and the script on the front fender indicate that it is not a DeSoto. The hubcaps are wrong for a 1950 Chrysler.

That’s not humor: most people squat; they do it out of necessity, but it’s healthier for the muscles.

I’m surprised it’s not a a Subearu.

… I’ll show myself out.


I would have said DeSoto but the writing on the hub cap didn’t look right so agree a Chrysler. Sun visors were pretty much standard equipment back then with no tinted glass. Doesn’t look like it has a radio either.

As far as the signs go, my first encounter was in a men’s room in Italy where there was a fixture with just two places for your feet. I didn’t need that particular feature but had to ask how the heck you used it.

Yeah, and I still don’t know how to use the 3 sea shells :grin:

“Mister, do you know the directions to the bare beach ?”

The driver seems to be oblivious to the fact that three bears are “greeting” him

He’s trying very hard not to look like he has a pic-a-nic basket.


Or a Stutz Bearcat.