2013 Ford Fiesta transmission woes (sell or keep?)

I have a 2013 Ford Fiesta automatic with 35,000 miles. I bought it new. It was in the shop for transmission work three times so far and eventually had a replacement of the transmission, all covered under warranty because the transmissions suck. I need some expert advice from someone who understands this vehicle. Should I keep this and risk having transmission issues down the road beyond the warranty and be screwed, or sell it now while it still has value? What to do…

You can’t worry with what might happen. The new transmission is not the old one so keep that in mind. Drive on and stop worrying. Keep the car…

I’d suggest googling “Ford Fiesta Transmission Problems” before deciding. I think you’ll find it enlightening.

From there it depends upon your budget and your need to feel secure. You can’t spend the next decade constantly worrying about your tranny breaking, and if you can afford not to you might be better to trade.

Keep it. We had a similar issue with one of our cars. The transmission needed replacement at 56,000 miles, still under warranty (extended). The car now has about 160,000 miles on it. The way I see it, everything but the transmission has 160,000 miles. The transmission has 100,000 miles on it.

Perhaps Ford had the bugs worked out with the replacement transmission. It should still be under warranty, so if it is giving problems, take it back. If it is working fine, drive on.

I don’t know much about the transmissions problem that car seems to have, but I like the car’s styling. If your research makes you think Ford has figured out the problem, keep it.

My vote is to keep the car seeing as how it has a new transmission. Servicing the transmission every 30k miles will contribute greatly to the lifespan of the unit.

Every make of car will have some premature transmission failulres. The Fiesta is no different.

If it still suits you and worrying about the tranny won’t ruin your sleep, keep it. Otherwise, don’t. But do keep in mind that the change in cars will cost some, and whatever else you get will have weaknesses, too.