Is there such a thing as a true waterproof car cover?

Just wondering if any cover can keep all moisture from a car’s surface – particularly during a heavy rain or steady rain. Anyone have experience or knowledge to share? I need a good car cover here in the rainy gulf coast area. Thanks

There are likely better places but why not check out an RV dealer.

They sell (tow and toad) vehicle covers as well as ones for the big RVs.

I have a feeling, in your climate, moisture is going to condense on the cars surface regardless of type of cover used. A good two coat WAX job will protect better than any cover. For long term storage, you can use a waterproof tarp with some benefit, but it must be tied down so it can’t flap around in the wind. Any movement of the cover or tarp will eventually damage the paint.

It’s called a garage…

Okay, maybe that’s not helpful, though if your situation allows it, you might look at one of those cheap kit carports. The trouble is that something like a tarp that’s mostly waterproof will keep rainwater off your car, but it’ll also trap condensation in and cause the car to get wet on merely humid days and stay wet for days after it would have normally dried out, so waterproof isn’t really what you’re going for. Purpose-built car covers are usually a compromise between sealing and breathing, but if rain is the issue I don’t think they’re worth it. Caddyman’s advice about the wax is probably the way to go.

Well a simple plastic tarp is waterproof, but it does not make a very good car cover.

Why do you think you need a car cover?  Cars are designed to get wet.  Really they are.  

Covers tend to cause more problems than they fix.  They tend to trap water under them and if they are not a really really good fit, they move around in the wind and wear/scuff the paint.  Covering a car can trap any moisture coming up from the ground or floor under the car.  

 Other than a garage I can't think of something I would want to put between the car and the weather unless I had no option other than to park under a tree that attracted birds or dropped a lot of leaves or sap etc.

DO NOT USE any kind of plastic/vinyl tarp…like those for the home center. They WILL destroy your paint. That type of tarp will eventually stick to the paint. Ask me how I know! Remember those vinyl car bras from the 80’s? Ever see a car with fogged paint from one left on too long and not allowed to dry out. A tarp, as others have said, will trap moister under it. Parking it on the grass is another no-no.

A good quality car cover will offer protection from the sun primarily and and acts as a barrier to some extent from tree sap, dust, etc. I have used an OEM cover for years with good results on my car that sits outside unused for weeks at a time. Always make sure the car is clean before putting the cover on. Its not dry but its better than nothing. This would be a pain for frequent use.

You may want to look at one of these:

I have several car covers and they work fine. My main concern when the cars are sitting is all the junk that falls out of the trees, leaves, nuts, sap, etc. After a rain the cover keeps the car fairly dry, but not completely. The cover needs a fabric that lets some air through to allow the car to “breath”. A good cover will protect your car from the elements but not keep it perfectly dry.

A plastic cover that did keep the car dry will cause other problems by trapping moisture and abrade the paint. The covers I’ve bought have a smooth and softer coating on the side that contacts the paint so they do no damage as the wind moves the cover.

Visit a good auto parts chain and they will have a couple of covers at reasonable prices with sizes to fit most cars. If you want something more custom made for your model car try Ebay. I bought covers for an '04 T’bird, '03 Civic, '98 Volvo wagon from various auto parts chains and all fit pretty well according to the sizing recommendations on the box. With a little practice they are pretty easy to put on and remove.

A good coat of wax will protect the paint from what little rain gets through the cover. A garage is best, but I more cars than I have garage. The covers offer good protection for the car.