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Does anyone know which car cover is the best to buy and has the best fit. What materials does one look for. The cover I am looking for is for a 2008 Miata.

Why do you want a car cover? What kind of weather do you have where you are? Do you get wind and dust or blowing sand?

I suspect more damage is done by car covers than they protect. Just a little dust under that cover and one windy night and you get scratched paint. Most cars today handly the weather very well. Exceptions would include unavoidable parking under trees with sap or maybe lots of birds etc.

Have you considered a fabric carport? This could work if you park in a driveway.

I concur with Mr. Meehan from personal experience. I bought a fairly high quality cover for a car. After a particularly windy day, the roof, trunk, and hood were noticeably scuffed up after I took the cover off. Regular washing and waxing provide better protection. I will probably use it as a dust cover once I have enough room to park the car in the garage.

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Car covers are a royal pain in the neck on a vehicle that is used a lot.
The inexpensive ones are not really all-weather covers; they’re more of a dust cover for shielding a vehicle that is inside a garage. Outside, they disentegrate very quickly; and even more quickly during a strong wind.

Mr. Meehan is correct that any looseness at all can allow them to squirm around and scuff the paint.

Try to install a dust cover by yourself on a day when the wind is blowing 30 MPH and you’ll give them up very quickly.

I currently have a Noah cover on my 90 Miata. I do not use the car often and always wash the car before covering it. I found the Mazda factory cover to be the best fit. It only lasts a year or two here in New England before it begins to break down and leave a blue powder behind. You can get one cheaper than the local dealer from one of the sponsors on the Miata Net

Thank you for your reply. I wanted a car cover for my new Miata because I have no room in my garage and I hate Sheds in backyards. I am not sure why paint jobs on cars do not last here in Virginia Beach unless of course Mazda’s paint job is better than Honda. We do have lots of birds - maybe the jets from all the air stations unload fuel - I don’t know what it is - I just wanted to protect the paint.
Most of the comments are against a cover - so now I don’t know - Do I spent the money for a side loading garage - that makes no sense at my age. Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your answer. You are right we have too much stuff in our garage so that there is no room for the car. I do a pretty good job of washing and waxing whatever car I own, but our location seems to be problem for paint. We have had two Honda vehicles and both had paint problems on the hood, roof and trunk space.

Thank you for the website. I will show my husband these comments in the AM and he can decide what we should do.

Just found the info I was trying to find…

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