Car Covers


I no longer have a garage, and want to know if a car cover would be a good way to help maintain against sun damage, etc. If so, what should I look for in quality car cover?


Car covers are fine as long as they don’t ‘sweat’ as that causes mold and mildew.

If you do decide to buy one, ensure it actually ‘breathes’.

Myself, I don’t have a garage either and just wash/wax/polish my two vehicles with Meguiars Color X four times a year and just wash when too dirty.

Then again, two enormous Maple trees shade the vehicles after 11am so they aren’t sitting in an oven all day.


Frankly I would not use one.

If the they are not put on right and are a little loose the wind can move them across the paint and damage it. Putting one on a dirty car is a good way of grinding the paint into it. If it is not a breathable material it will trap moisture under it causing rust and corrosion.

I don’t know about you, but I would get really tired of putting it on and taking it off that after about a week I would never use it again.


I agree; they’re a bit of a pain. Two of my kids bought car covers at one time and after a month or so they got real tired of the on and off business; especially if doing it themselves on a windy day.

Bit of age and they start coming apart pretty quickly.
As mentioned, on a windy day (we get a lot of that in OK) the cover can chafe the paint even if the cover is tied tight; more so on sharper corners of the car.