Car Cover Advice


I have an older car (not a show car or expensive classic, but a nice car overall) I would like to protect from rain and direct sun. I don’t have space for it my garage, so I am searching for the next best solution. Would a car cover protect my car? If so, what/which one do you recommend? Your experiences are welcome. Thank you!


It must not rub the finish of the car and it must not trap moisture. It is difficult to do the latter since it is open to a moist ground underneath so it must be vented or allow moisture to pass through.


If it rains, about any car cover is a problem due to moisture trapped against the body. If you don’t mind removing it before it rains, just a cloth cover works. There are also relatively inexpensive carports.


Would I be better off just keeping a good coat of protective polish (like Zaino) on the car and reapplying every few months?

As for the carports, my neighborhood is zoned, and we cannot erect freestanding carports.


Don’t. I have yet to see a cover that will not do more damage to the car than not having one. They get blown in the wind (wind will not damage paint, but a cover being blown back and forth will) and they trap moisture making rust and corrosion a bigger problem.


I use a cheap Wal-Mart car cover since I use the motorcycle most of the time these days. The cover is made of the same breathable material as Frog Toggs rain suits. It has never harmed the car, even though it is now held together by duct tape. I suggest you get a nice car cover at an auto parts store and use it. Ask the guy at the auto parts store to recommend one.


That is my thought – that the cover might do more harm in my situation than good. I use Zaino on my newer car, and it has done a great job in protecting the paint. I am open to any recommendations for polishes/waxes that you use that will offer great protection from the elements. Thank you for your help


Car covers can be a real pain in the neck. Removing it is one thing; installing it by yourself on a windy day is quite another.

If you do go with a cover I offer a couple of tips.
One is that the cover must fit tight and you might even consider using a few turns of strong cord around it also. If the cover is in place a lot and the area you live in is wind-prone the cover may actually rub blemishes into the paint over time.

Two is that there are many different types of covers out there. Most of the inexpensive ones you see are NOT made for outdoor use no matter the claims. These are really only good as dust covers; protecting a car while it’s parked in the garage, etc. A true, outdoor cover can be fairly pricy. The inexpensive ones will disentegrate within a month outdoors; just like a cheap motorcycle rain suit will shred quickly.

Two of my kids bought car covers and gave up on them after a couple of weeks due to the pain in the neck factor.