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Do You Cover or Not?

For those of you who don’t have carports or garages, do you cover your cars? And for those who do have covered parking, do you still use a car cover? Why or why not? Thanks for the information and opinions in advance.

For those of you who don’t have carports or garages, do you cover your cars?

  When I did not have a garage, I never bothered to cover. I never felt there was any real advantage to covering.  

for those who do have covered parking, do you still use a car cover?

Certainly not.  Why would I bother?

Covers have little if any advantage to most drivers.  They also tend to be a bother and too often cause damage by trapping moisture or be abrasion when there is wind.  

 If I lived in the steel making part of Ohio, then I would cover.  The stuff that comes out of those mills is really nasty.

I bought a breathable fabric cover for my 93 Caprice. Moisture retention is not a problem, but after a couple of windy days I noticed some scuffing of the paint. No permanent damage, but I wouldn’t use a cover outdoors. If I ever clean out the garage, I may use it as a dust cover.

Ed B.

I cover my cars that aren’t in use for a while. I use a good quality car cover and don’t let it sit for too long at a time without removing it. I also make sure to wash and wax the car before using it.

You’re stirring up a hornet’s nest with this question, a lot of people have a lot of opinions, and I can’t tell you what will definitely happen to your car. But I just think, day to day, with the dirt and dust that accumulates on my car, I don’t cover it because I don’t want the cover’s fabric grinding that dirt and dust against the paint. My daily driver is a white car, so swirl marks and surface scuffs don’t show up as easily, but still, if for no other reason than peace of mind, I only cover up the car when it’s been freshly washed / waxed.

When weather permits me to commute on a motorcycle, I put a cover on the car, but only when I don’t plan to drive it for a couple weeks. The problem I face is that I need the car when it rains, and removing the cover in the rain isn’t fun. It also isn’t easy to store a wet car cover. Sometimes it is more trouble than it is worth.

A lot depends upon a person’s view of the importance of that car. In the US, nearly everyone has a car, and a car is sort of a commodity. Let the thing rust away; we will get another one anyway.

Here in rural Mexico, where even having an old beater is a sign of prosperity, we have a neighbor who not only covers his car, but it gets wiped down every time it is parked before the cover goes on. And, it is far from a luxury vehicle – except to him.

i have a garage at home,but when i drive to work(and it’s a really sunny/hot/high UV-rating day,i cover my car.the UV rays really zap your paint and interior,your nice waxed finish doesn’t look as shiny for as long as when you cover your extra bonus is it keeps the bird poop off,and usually careless;)drivers don’t park next to you:)

I’ve only owned a garage since I built the house I’m living in now…which was 12 years ago…Until then I NEVER covered any of my vehicles. I’ve only owned daily drivers. Never had the luxury to have a play car that I’d need to cover.

No, I don’t cover the car I park in my garage or the one that stays outside. I have a high-quality cover for the inside car, and I used it one winter for a month or two, but I haven’t used it since.

The car got nearly as dusty with the cover on as it does without the cover, so I don’t see the point anymore.

Anyone want a cover for a '97 - '99 Acura CL?

Never did, never will. But I do keep a good coat of wax on them and keep them as clean as feisable.