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Is new Mustangs (2021) handling really this bad?

Get a caddy CTS-V. 4 door model and 2 door coupe. Supercharged v8. Never understood why they decided to not offer the NA v8 and the SC v8 at same time. Just like the camaro and corvette. 1 more model to epa certify? I think gm can afford it.

Only if they can sell enough of them to justify the option. This is just one of the overhead costs needed to sell a car for road use.

A rear wheel drive Mustang will be 10 times worse than your FWD Winter tired vehicle that you could not keep on the road

Depends on how old/worn out those winter tires are. :wink:

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No they are not. I would wager that the S550’s is one of the most forgiving Mustangs they ever made. I went from a 2003 Mustang GT (25+ year old chassis design, solid axle, etc.) to a 2016 Mustang GT (PP1), and it’s much more refined car, it’s much more planted, and confidence inspiring than my previous Mustang.


Well, this is a car enthusiast forum, so I’d say if it suits your needs and you can afford it (including fuel and insurance), then go for it. My dad is on his third Mustang, and I learned to drive on his 2000 model, live axle and all. The new independent-rear-suspension ones can only be better. ICEs are being legislated out of existence (sooner in Europe than here), so if you want a big American V8, now’s the time.


Sooooo… turns out insurance companies made decision for me. I got offered 15k usd yearly insurance for Mustang GT in Poland (lowest price I could find) since I’m less than 26, I have license for less than 3 years and officially it’s gonna be my first car (car I currently use officially still belongs to my father) - those 3 criteria skyrocketed insurance for such car. This cost absolutely killed me since it’s like 45k usd in 3 years just for insurance. Also everyone at work told me I’m gonna kill myself in this car the very first day I’d get it xD

At the end of the day I bought “new” 2020 BRZ Final Edition (they still had two brand new 2020 BRZs in two Subaru dealerships in Poland). It was much cheaper car, I’ll be able to fully finance it in 2 years without a sweat. Maybe even in 1 year. I got offered 5k usd insurance for it which is quite bad but not ridiculously bad and I was actually able to afford it. Maybe I’ll upgrade to different car once I’ll gain a bit more experience and insurance discounts. It’s not that bad car I guess… I mean yeah it sucks not to have 500hp but then I guess BRZ is not all that bad for first car and young driver :frowning: When I look back at past myself I’m starting to notice that attempt to get Mustang Mach 1 was kinda just attempt to flex and show off how much money I have, which could end up terribly for me, my life and my loans… Mustang would eat my on all levels - skill, maintenance, insurance…

I’m now waiting for my BRZ registration process to complete (it takes some time due to pandemic restrictions and remote registration process). I tested rear seats. They’re fine. Like I said I’m really short dwarf - there’s still space for another person even behind driver seat (aka my seat is not crushing their legs). It’s tiny car and it feels tiny but it’s usable in scenarios I want to use it. Also just like Mustang it manages to fit 2U server in trunk so it seems quite practical (unlike 370z for example, which I also considered and checked). Tires are anemic af but Final Edition comes stock with Pilot Sport 4 tires and Brembo breaks so it probably won’t be that bad after all. Also I guess thinner tires will behave better in snow and ice we have on roads now. Seating position is dope. Like road legal go-kart xD I don’t know if it’s global but at least here I got also free drifting course in Subaru driving school as bonus so I guess it’s also quite cool. For anyone who wonders “Why not wait for 2022 BRZ???” - well for starters there will not be 2022 BRZ in europe and then new GR86 probably won’t come here till like mid-2022. By mid-2022 I may already fully finance my current BRZ and probably I’ll be able to trade it for 2022 GR86 if it really turns out to be this much better. So I don’t consider waiting for it “worth it”.

I don’t know yet if I’m satisfied with this purchase. I still feel a bit let down and a bit ashamed of anemic BRZ engine. It feels quite pathetinc ngl. But everyone around me tells me that it’s 100x better choice than Mustang which would most likely kill me knowing my driving style but even if not then it’d devastate my bank account. Maybe with time I’ll also come to conclusion that it was right choice… idk.

So yeah at the end of the day you were right. I didn’t want to admit it but when I noticed this comment I immediately was like “damn, good job Sherlock” xD I couldn’t even imagine insurance may cost 15k like holy fxxxxxx sxxx it’s crazy. I thought that by “expensive insurance” people mean like 5k, not 15k lol.

Maybe later I’ll post here some findings regarding using BRZ as young driver in eastern Europe country but that’s topic for another thread. For now I guess that’s all I had to add to this topic.

Thank you guys for all comments :smiley:


Get a dash cam. I want to see your fun right up to wipe out.
Drivers in Poland are great.
I know you are great. It’s the other drivers.


To get an idea of how outrageous your insurance is. I pay about $1300 USD for comprehensive coverage on my 2016 Mustang GT (which is modified), my 2019 F-150 (4WD 3.5L twin turbo), and a 1974 Triumph TR6 with a agreed upon value.

When I was 26 I had a 2003 Mustang GT that had an aftermarket supercharger on it and a 1997 F-150 pickup. I paid about $1200 a year at the time.

If you’ve never had a car with sporting pretentions before, the BRZ is good choice to start with. It’s fast enough to be fun, but not fast enough to point where mistakes/poor decisions end up being expensive/deadly. I’ve read that the OEM tires aren’t particularly grippy. The 86’s I see at the local cars and coffee tend to have 18 inch wheels with lower profile, but wider tires. A buddy of mine runs 245/35/18’s. and claims that it was the best thing he’s done for the car. You’re not going to be able to do a great deal with improving power without spending some money. Even a full bolt on running on E85 will have a tough time breaking 200 RWHP. This car needs forced induction to get decent amount of power out of it.


Never had a new sports car when I was 23 with full coverage

I’ve seen this term multiple times and decided to finally look up what is it. We don’t have fuels like this here. Only regular E5 98 and 95 octane petrol are available at gas stations in Poland (and diesel and LPG ofc).

No ethanol in Europe? Must be a US govt aide program to US corn farmers?

For E85, yes, it’s a welfare program for corn farmers. In E10, the ethanol is an economical and environmentally responsible replacement for MTBE as an octane enhancer.


When i was 23 i had a large luxo-barge with a 126" wheelbase and a 7.5 litre V8. I’ve never had any desire for a sports car.