A new car for Mustangman?

This new Mustang is actually street-legal, even though it was developed with the Nürburgring in mind.



Yes, Please!

I’ll be posting my GoFundMe page shortly… As soon as I figure out the best way to beg strangers for money for a fast car! :laughing:


You are going to need 2 Gofundme accounts . One for the vehicle and one for the insurance.


7,500 have appllied so far, for ,700 cars a year max.

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I wonder how a car could be designed for both racing and driving the kids to school? It seems like it would have to be one or the other; i.e. a car designed for racing purposes would be good on the track, but a major pain to just drive around town.

Technology my friend, technology…

As far as that Mustang… :drooling_face:


Yes, true, but…they are NOT the same car. They are not interchageable. The racecar doesn’t carry the required things so it is not road legal. The road car is not race legal either… no rollcage, fire system or race seat.

The basic structure and suspension are similar minus a rollcage with much softer springs and shocks. The interior exists, has road seats, heat and AC, radio, the full lot. No rear seats.

In the 1960s, race versions of a road car were still road useable but not exactly pleasant.


No different then the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 with over 1000 HP, it was banned from most drag strips due to it’s 8.97 second 1/4 mile ET… Install a cage, belts and safety equipment and you are ready to race at the strip legally…

But sill technology to be able to drive 600 + HP on the streets…

And about the only reason you will be driving one of these monsters on the street is hoping someone honks their horn 3 times slowly… :checkered_flag:

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Thats pretty much the reason I went with the scat pack on my challenger. I was not going to track it or street race it. It would have cost me about 20k more for the hellcat with the options I wanted, and I could not get the shaker that I wanted.
My suspension, tires and brakes are pretty much the same as the hellcat. I just do not have the extra 222 HP. To me It was not worth getting the Hellcat. but to others it might be.

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?? Just curious, I don’t understand. Why would a car be banned from drag strips for that?

Yeah my buddy bought a Wide Body Scat Pack, very fast for a NA engine… Love that car…

I have no idea what that means.

Ready, Set, Go

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Did not meet the NHRA safety specs. Google them, lots of rules for safety…
My old Boss had his Infiniti Q50 Red Sport built up and it had 691 RWHP (that is to the wheels, over 800 at the crank), it was built to be a Hellcat eater and with about 1000 pounds lighter, it was stupid fast, but the 1st run down the drag strip it was black flagged, no roll cage etc… but it beat up on some Hellcats… lol

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If at a red light (leaving from a dig) you just wait on the light…
But if you are doing 20, 40, 60, whatever and someone pulls up right beside you for no other reason, they are basically asking for a race, kinda hard to yell out a count down, so the 3 horn honks is as weekend-warrior said, ready, set, go, and that is called from a roll…

My car is fast from a 15-20MPH roll, but from a dig, I will spin bad and spinning ain’t winning, when I finally do my newest up grade (not the 1st one and never done upgrading) I am going to have to go with some much wider and stickier tires… DOT slicks probably… lol

Yeah I know TMI… sorry…

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Does that actually work? Asking for a friend, of course.

I dunno how it works… but if I figure it out I’ll let you, no your friend… know :wink:

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It does work, but one should beware of the consequences if the “charitable” cause is found to be bogus. Several years ago, there was a feel good story about a homeless US veteran who gave his last $20 to a female motorist who had run out of gas.

The female motorist and her boyfriend then set-up a Go Fund Me account for the veteran, and the money rolled-in, to the tune of over $400k. Fast forward many months, and after nothing had been given to the veteran, the couple who conspired to set up the scheme were arrested, convicted of Grand Larceny and Fraud in both NJ and Federal Courts, and both were sent to the slammer. Apparently, the veteran wasn’t blameless because he was found guilty of conspiring with that couple, but he was given probation, rather than a prison term.

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Got the TShirt for that one. Passed all the pre-race inspections. Asked how fast it was- don’t know, first time here with it. One pass, waved off and sent packing. Need a roll cage at least…

At least I won the bet… drove it 30 miles to the track and beat the trailer queens :grinning:


And so it goes…make more power, spin tires, upgrade tires, start twisting things, upgrade suspension, start breaking things, upgrade driveline, good hookup so increase power, spin tires… lather, rinse, repeat :grinning: