Chevy Truck shifting problems

I have a 2008 Silverado 1500 Work truck with the V-6. Been doing fine and then the gremlins came out. I was stopped at a red light and when I went to take off I noticed my engine was revved up and the truck wasn’t shifting out of 1st gear. I pulled it down manually and was able to get 2nd, but not 3rd. It slipped back to first from 2nd. I pulled into a parking lot and was cruising to a parking spot when I noticed it seemed to be shifting. I pulled over, checked the fluid which was fine, and took off without any further issues that day. Month or so goes by and when taking off from the store, same situation, only this time it seems either I didn’t wait long enough for the problem to correct or I had to go to park and then drive, but it drove fine. I drove it couple of days ago over 100 miles, get back in to town pulling away from a red light and the same thing again. Pulled over after trying a manual shift, cycled through park and no problems. I heard from a friend it could be a solenoid inside the transmission. Any thoughts and if the solenoid, which?

Could be a solenoid or trash in the valve body. I don’t know which solenoid. I’d try a fluid and filter change first if you haven’t done that in a while. Might get a hint at what it might be from this site.

Idle okay, or all over the place?

check engine light is/was on?

If I were you, I’d hook up a scanner and retrieve any powertrain codes, even if the check engine light isn’t currently illuminated

There might still be some stored codes, which would be useful information

How many miles are on the truck?

If your idle speed isn’t correct . . . sky high, for instance . . . that could affect automatic transmission operation

Idle is fine, no check engine light so I will check for power train codes. Truck has about 160000 miles. Other than the shifting, it is quite solid for its age.

I had a 1990 Chrysler LeBaron that was stuck in first gear, got mad and drove it hard thinking either the motor or tranny was going to give. Shifted hard into second and then into third and drove right afterwards. I had changed the oil/filter in the tranny before the do or die drive without any luck. My grandfather, who could rebuild tranny’s, told me I probably had trash in the valve body that got blown out when I did the do or die drive.

160K . . . ?

An automatic transmission rebuild might be looming . . .

I’m not saying this is the answer, but it’s possible

How often have you had the fluid and filter serviced?

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I bought the vehicle 3 years ago come February with about 128000 miles on it. I haven’t serviced the transmission as of yet.

My father in law has a 99 Silverado with over 200k miles. He’s never changed the fluid. It’ll stick in first occasionally. Turn it off and then back on and it’ll shift fine until it sticks in first again at some random time. I think a fluid change might help, on his truck anyway.



That’s useful information

No power train codes found in the computer.

My first thought was a fluid/filter change. Done them dozens of times on the older 70-90’s models trucks. Buddy put the solenoid bug in my ear and now I am second guessing myself. Regardless, about 40000 miles since I got the truck, a fluid/filter service on the truck probably is due and couldn’t hurt.


The torque converter may be shedding its crud.


My former neighbor had a 2005 Silverado 1500 with the 4L60E automatic transmission

Bought it new

He also never changed the fluid, but he towed a small trailer

At around 70K, the automatic transmission needed a complete rebuild

I had been telling him for some time that he should service the fluid and filter, but he ignored my advice

I’m pretty amazed that his is still going at over 200k miles on the original fluid. At that mileage they’re usually worn out even with regular maintenance. Original plugs and plug wires too! He rarely drives it anymore, though.