Silverado transmission problem

I had a problem today with my 2004 Silverado 1500. While driving it seemed to not want to go into a higher gear and while pressing on the gas it idle high but didnt want to go over 60. The transmission fluid looked fine and I had it changed about 2 months ago along with the filter. It has 73000 miles on it. So what do think it might me?

The first thing I would suspect is a damaged sun gear reaction shell. Which of course requires either a rebuilding the orginal tranny with an upgraded reaction shell or installing a remanufactured unit with this upgrade.


Oh great how much do you think it would cost? I rather take it to the local garage I always use instead of the dealership. I would guess that this is a common problem with the silverado’s. I goggled it and saw alot of comments on this. They all suggested buying a beast reaction sun shell. Is this a good part to use?


In GM’s wisedom, they decided to make this part out of cast aluminum. And you’re one of the victims of this decision.

Any indepenent garage can order a remanned tranny for your vehicle with the upgrades to prevent this from happening again. Only, it won’t be cheap!


Well and I thought a Ford had problems. There goes my savings account!

Do you have reverse??? Sun shells usually go out with a bang followed by a loss of reverse, 2nd and O/D. You could also be looking at a drivability issue. Dont condemn the transmission just yet. Can you be a little more specific about the symptoms.

Here is a photo of a sun shell and how and where they break.

The bottom photo is a good sun shell, you notice the hub attached at the top. The top photo is the broken sun shell, notice the hub broken off and still attached to the sun gear splines.


Well found out what was wrong. Its the clutch plates between gear changes. Its a automatic transmission. Its going to cost me 1700.00.

That would be the 3-4 clutches, they are very weak in these transmissions and overhaul is the answer in this case. $1700.00 is not out of the ballpark for this trans. Glad you got it to a trans shop for a diagnosis. Good luck.