Is my car having Master Lock Switch Problems?


I have a '99 Honda CRV. Lately when I lock the driver’s door via remote, physically pushing down the lock, or using the lock tab…a loud mechanical sound is heard for about 2 seconds. This does not happen when I unlock the door. Could it be a problem with the Master Lock Switch. I unscrewed the cover at the door handle and looked at the switch but I wasn’t sure if I could disconnect the switch without causing other problems. Can I take it to my local auto parts store to get a new part. Can anyone help diagnose this for me?


I’m assuming the noise you hear is coming from the driver’s door. I don’t think the switch itself is making any noise. It’s more likely to be some moving part of the lock mechanism, or perhaps the solenoid that operates the lock.

Figuring out what is making the noise, and fixing it, will require removal of the inner door panel in order to access the lock mechanism.