Power locks have a mind of their own in my 98 Camry

Problem #1: Key on/engine off, the locks click repeatedly. I believe they constantly trying to lock, but they are cycling at least one time per second, as long as the key is in the on position until you start the car.

Problem #2: At first, the driver door lock quit locking when pressing the drivers lock button, then both front doors quit working. Rear doors have been faithful in their dedicated service to my security, but the front doors have let me down. Any suggestions to either problem??

Sounds like a short in the drivers master door lock control switch assembly. Try unplugging that and see if the problem goes away. If it does, then you’ll have to bypass each switch and lock the doors with a jumper wire on the plug you pulled off (you’ll need a schematic) to eliminate any other problems. If everything works as advertised, it points to the switch assembly.