Is it possible to tell if a vehicle has a moon roof by the vin number on a 2013 Grand Cherokee Chief

…or any vehicle for that matter.

Looking at some online and just curious, Thanks.

If it was manufacturer installed, and you can read the manufacturer’s codes, the answer is yes. Try calling the dealer.

There isn’t a specific digit in the VIN to identify an option like that. Dealers have access to the full list of sales codes/options for each VIN for vehicles beginning in the mid '90s.

I don’t recall the last year the “Chief” package was offered, I suspect your are referring to a 1970s Jeep. In that case you will have to rely on a service like Galen Govier’s who has obtained old manufacture records for certain vehicles.

Or contact the seller online and just ask.

…OOPS! Just now edited to add the date.

A dealer can tell you what the options and standard equipment are by VIN.

However, I have never seen a late model “Chief”. Is this a dealer installed package on a Laredo (base model)? The Limited and Overland both come with a sunroof as standard equipment.

If you have access to the vehicle it is easy to identify an aftermarket sunroof, the is a frame around the sunroof on the exterior surface to conceal the cut marks. The roof panel with a factory sunroof has a flush opening with a right angle in the sheet metal at the sunroof opening.

Yeah, not heard of any new “Chiefs”.

Yeah, not heard of any new "Chiefs".