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I just bought a '99 Camry. It seems to be great. I am the third owner. It has cruise, remote starter, power doors, power seat, power windows, a CD/tape/radio unit (OEM), and a number of other features. How can I tell if it is a CE, LE or XLE model? The owner’s manual and paperwork do not seem to include it. It’s not on the registration.

Most are usually badged on the tail end of the car; likely on the right rear side of the trunk lid on this particular car.
It should be a in a small box next to the Camry badge.

If there is no model designation on that area of the car, it is a probable sign that the car was previously in an accident. Body shops frequently fail to replace the little bit of trim bearing the model designation.

My 99 Camry is an LE and there is no badge on the rear. You can go to a Toyota dealer with the VIN. The dealer can print you a sheet with the equipment list for your specific car including the paint,and interior codes, and options that were factory installed. The first line will read, Division: Toyota Model: Camry Grade: CE or LE or XLE Model Year: 1999. It will even give you the date it rolled off the assembly line and the date of first use. And the dealer didn’t charge me anything for this. You can also search the web for VIN decoders although I haven’t found a reliable one yet.

Base-model cars rarely have the designation on them to begin with, so this only applies if it was a car that actually came with that sticker in the first place.

You can try the following site to decode your VIN, but the info from a Toyota dealer would likely be more complete.

Take a look at:

Call the parts dept of your Toy dealer and have the full 17 digit vin. They most likely can tell.

I used to have a 2000 Camry that was a half-breed (are we still allowed to use that term???) between the CE and the LE. That is, it had some – but not all – of the LE extra features over the CE. I bought it used froma Toyota dealer, and I am pretty sure it had come from a rental program (somewhere on it was marked the designator “FLL” marked for its “location”; FLL = Ft. Lauderdale airport). I inferred that the car had been part of a rental companyfleet purchase, and that they could get option combinations not available to individuals.

Art, Just As We No Longer Use “Bitchy” (Now We Say “Assertive”) And No Longer “Manhole” (We Say “Utility Hole”), The Term “Half-Breed” Is Out. The New Term Is “Multi-Ethnic”.

So, if your Toyota’s parents were a CE and an LE then your 2000 Camry is technically a . . .
“2000 Toyota Camry Multi-Ethnic”, not a half-breed.

I hope you “don’t go postal on me” for trying to help. I’m sure you didn’t mean to offend anybody, especially those not “chronologically advantaged” as I am becoming.

Hope this helps.



Look on the door sticker. This is a permanent sticker, sometimes an etched piece of metal. Should be on the drivers door. It has the date of production and lots of other fun information. Good Luck!

A Camry ME? Is that like Windows ME?

Shadowfax, That’s It ! I Didn’t Think Of That. It’s A Camry ME !


May a Camry Mii, if it has the Nintendo upgrade