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Car specific info

how do I get detailed specs via VIN for my car? Am looking for VIN-specific info for this car-not for make or model

Specifically, What Specific Information Are You Trying To Obtain ?


I’m not sure how much detail you expect your VIN to reveal, but if you go to the following site, it will tell you what the “code” of your VIN means in terms of build date, engine type, and some other particulars:

Part of the VIN code will tell you WHERE the vehicle was built. The option list and rear axle ratio will also be part of the code. Repair shops use it to get the right parts and paint code; they seldom believe the owner as to what the car has.

I Still Don’t Know What You’re Looking To Find.

Additional imformation that goes well beyond the VIN can be found in a list on the car’s Service Parts I.D. sheet that is often found in the trunk (sometimes under a spare tire cover) or under the rear seat cushion. It lists codes for virtually every option on the specific car.

My factory service manuals break down all of the 3-digit alpha-numeric codes, translating them into words.


Make, Model, Model-Year ?


Do a web search for “vin decoder”. You can also call your auto insurer. The need your VIN to determine what your insurance rate should be. The insurance rate on a Shelby GT500 Mustang will be far higher than on a 6-cyl Mustang coupe. The VIN won’t let you get away with that.