Fuel Pump

I have a 1998 Mazda 626 that needs a fuel pump replaced. My mechanic has quoted $235 for the part and $300.00 labor. 3 hours at $100.00 per hour. I live in the Bay Area where even this seems expensive for labor. Is this cost with the “normal” range of a fuel pump replaced.

In 1998 I paid $700 parts and labor for a fuel pump for a 1991 Ford Taurus at a trusted mechanic in Philadelphia, PA. The pump alone was ~$350 (Ford OEM part). The price doesn’t seem too high especially for SF.

Ed B.

Yes,it’s excessive. The fuel pump cost a little over $100. The gas tank does NOT need to be lowered to changed the fuel pump. The back seat is removed (easy), an access panel on the floor is removed, and the fuel pump disconnected and removed. Pretty much a piece of pie. http://www.autozone.com/Ntt,fuel%20pump/shopping/allResults.htm
What symptom has made it seem necessary to change the fuel pump? It may not be defective. Check another shop. Only tell them the symptoms. Don’t say the words, “Fuel pump”. You don’t want to color the mechanic’s thinking.
You can tell us the symptoms, too. If there are any trouble codes, tell us those. Is it a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder engine?

Which bay, Chesapeake, Oyster, Barataria, Hudson, of Pigs,…

Assuming this is the SF Bay area the price could be about right. Pump prices vary a lot with one parts house website showing the pump anywhere from 110 to 450 dollars.
It seems that I read recently that labor rates in the SF area were around 150-175 dollars per flat rate hour so 300 would equate roughly to 2 hours max labor.

If any diagnostic time (fuel pressure tests, etc) are figured in along with fuel filter replacement I would say that amount is reasonable.