Is 2000 rpm with cold start normal?

Is it normal for my 2007 Mariner to idle at 2000 rpm when I have a cold weather start? It idles at 2000 rpm for about 4 seconds, then drops down to 1200 rpm over the next five seconds. My dealership says this is normal and no codes show up in their engine analyzer.

The history on this car may be important. Nine weeks after I purchased the car I was in an accident which sliced off the front end back to the radiator and frame. Two months and $14,000 later, I have my car back and the cold weather has arrived.

Should I be concerned about a high rpm before oil has reached engine parts? Thank you for any advice you can offer.

It doesn’t seem abnormal to me. Don’t worry about the oil. It gets where it needs to go pretty quickly, and is doing its job of lubricating critical parts. When warm weather returns the initial start up idle will probably be a bit lower.

Yes. It’s normal for the engine idle to go that high during a cold weather start and then come down.

It all has to do with keeping the emissions at a minimum during a cold weather start.


Yep, normal. Newer cars do this so they warm up faster and produce less pollution. You may also notice the transmission shifts differently when it’s cold.

You should not br concerned. The higher speed will help get the oil going. Nobody can adjust it anyway.

A cold engine is designed to advance it’s idle RPM. My 87 Accord will sit at 2500 for maybe 5 minutes or until the temp gauge starts to move.

That’s not quite right-- it should be more like 1500. There’s a thermally controlled air valve on your motor that controls the high-idle speed that needs to be adjusted from time to time.