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High RPM when car starts

About a week ago, my ?98 Camry (4-cylinder, 120,000 miles) suddenly began stalling whenever it was idling. It started and drove fine, but given a minute or less braked or parked, it would stall. I took it to the shop, and the mechanic changed the fuel filter (which he said was full of ?junk?) and the fuel line (which he said had been damaged by whoever installed it before).

This has fixed the problem. The car runs as well now as it did before. My one concern is that when I first start the car, the RPMs run high, between 1 and 2. After I have driven it or left it running for a minute or so, they drop back down to under 1.

Should I be concerned about this?

If so, what should be done to fix the problem?

This is normal. Especially if it is cold out in the morning. The car is now running as it should.

Sounds normal. Cold engines usually fast-idle somewhere above 1,000 rpm (the 1 on the tachometer) briefly before settling down to around 750 rpm or so when fully warmed up.