Auxiliary Stereo Port

I want to add an auxiliary port for my ipod to my factory-installed cd player of my 2006 Mini Cooper S. Do you have a recommendation on a shop in MA (better still, anywhere north of Boston)? I live in Billerica. I know I could do it at a dealer, but afraid it might get expensive (or is there much of a cost difference).

I have a different recommendation. Save your money and buy an FM transmitter. I have found the best way to get good sound quality is to:

-Lower your radio intenna. This way the FM transmitter doesn’t have to compete with outside radio waves.

-Remove the batteries form the transmitter and plug it into the power outlet. You can find universal 12 volt adapters that will work. This way you won’t ever be running on depleated batteries.

-Place the FM transmitter right in front of or next to the radio on the dashboard. The best way to do this is with velcro strips.

You will need to experiment to find a frequency that gives the best quality. Sirius satellite radio’s web site ( has a tool that will let you enter your zip code and will give you a list of frequencies that will work best in your area. The direct link to Sirius’ frequency finder is If you follow these steps, the sound qulaity should be as good as what you normally experience from the FM stations in your area.

The antennas on most newer cars don’t retract.

A better alternative is a hard-wired FM modulator. It goes between the antenna lead and the head unit. Less interference than an FM transmitter.

EDIT: Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

does you car have a multi disc player?

if you want this aux port, most brands have some models with the aux dongle built in. you would just leave it down around the shift lever to plug in the ipod.

that seems to be the most direct route, unless you are determined to keep the original radio.

Find a good custom audio shop (I don’t have specific recommendations in your area) and have it done correctly, or search on the internet for the hardware to do it yourself:

Sound quality is poor over FM.

While certainly not CD-quality, a good hard-wired modulator is good enough enough for MP3 files. The limitation tends to be the MP3 player.

Thanks all so much. Now I have a lot of options I can choose from, to listen to my ipod!

Greatly appreciate it!