Ipod input to older radios

I have a 2004 Malibu maxx. The radio has a CD player and no aux jack. I have tried itrip to get the ipod signal into the radio, but it does not work well and the sound quality is poor. Is there a way to input the ipod signal into the radio. This radio acts as the information center for the car,and I would hate to loose that function.

Several companies make adapters that plug into the antenna plug in the back of the radio, but there are ways to improve the sound quality with your FM transmitter.

  1. Go to http://fmchannel.sirius.com/ and type in your zip code to find the best frequencies to use.
  2. If you can, lower or disconnect your antenna.
  3. If your iTrip runs on batteries, see if you can get a universal 12 volt adapter so you are never operating on low batteries.
  4. Place the FM transmitter as close to your radio as possible. If you have to, buy an extension cord for the 12 volt outlet.
  5. Turn your iPod volume up to increase the strength of the signal.