Adapting radio for IPOD use

I have a 2002 Saab 9-3 hatchback and need to adapt the radio to accept an ipod input.

There is no aux input on this radio, the FM adaptor that you can buy at radio shack etc will not work in my area.Best Buy as well as a local car radio installer can offer no solution other than purchasing a new after-market radio. Neither the local SAAB dealer nor SAAB USA were able to help me with this either. I learned that the 2003-up Saabs have an AUX input however the radio connections/slots are not compatible. I would like to stay away from after market radios if possible as this will disconnect the steering wheel controls and will end up with an odd shaped radio in the radio slot. ANY ANY help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Ed Delgado

FM adaptor that you can buy at radio shack etc will not work in my area

??? Why not ???

A really good radio/audio shop can hack on into that radio and it should work and look good.

There are some after-market adapters that do allow you to retain the use of your steering wheel controls with some after-market radios. Using a direct input instead of the FM modulator with the iPOD will sound much better.

Yeah, FM modulators are pretty miserable, IMHO.

I installed an adapter on my girlfriend’s CRV this summer, I bought it at Best Buy and it connected to the factory Honda head unit through the unused CD changer connector. Nice thing is, it’s powered too, so you get charge functionality, next / previous track skip, and line-level input. A newer car like your Saab should be able to use something similar.

Too many radio stations, not enough clear frequencies, plus the quality is not good enough

Yeah, I want to stay away from the FM Modulator idea. I’m sure the answer is out there somewhere. Thanks for your input

Good thought, I don’t have a cd changer on my unit however, maybe there is an input for one. I’ll do some more research What is the brand and model of the adapter you used?
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I agree with the sound quality based on my experience. But then I am easy to please and a little fuzzy sound does not bother me as much as it does most people. I guess I don’t bother with it in the city and on the road there are more clear frequencies.

Good Luck, sorry I could not offer any more.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the plug in FM modulators you don’t like. There are wired modulators that physically plug in to the radio at the antenna and then the antenna plugs into the modulator. They work quite well. When you flip the switch on, the external antenna is disconnected so there is no interference at the designated frequency.

PIE is one of the brands that make adapters that use the satellite or cd changer inputs that your factory radio might have.

This person is local to me and has a great solution.

Look here—>