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Fuel filter

where do I find the fuel filter on a 2006 hyundai elantra? the owner’s manual doesn’t show it and an online shop manual goes for almost $150. also, how difficult would it be to replace it?

Remove the back seat, and open up the cover you find underneath. The fuel pump assembly is down there, and the fuel filter is on it.

Once you get the cover open, disconnect the wiring harness, and then start your car and let it run until it dies. Then open all the windows and go in after the fuel filter. Be very careful when you pull the pump out, because it’s going to have fuel in it. You want to be very slow and let the fuel drain back into the tank instead of into your car. Once you get the top of the fuel pump assembly off, the fuel filter will be the little hat-shaped black widget, clamped down by a bracket.

nothing too fancy about the filter itself is it? should be able to pick up at any auto parts store?