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Intrepid gas siphoning

I have an Intrepid that no longer runs, engine shot. There is a full tank of gas that I would like to remove. I have tried a couple of different products to try to get the liquid out with no success. Is there a stop or blockage of some sort in the fill line running down into the tank? Maybe I am doing something wrong. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

There is an anti-rollover valve that is in your way. If the fuel pumps works, I would bypass the fuel pump relay and use the fuel pump to pump all the gas out through the engine fuel line.

I will have to admit I am not even close to being car savvy. Is this something that I would be better taking to a mechanic, or is it a procedure I might be able to tackle? Currently the car does not run, and I’m trying to decide if I even want to keep the car.

Use a small, clear vinyl hose, 1/4" diameter or even 3/16. Work it down into the tank, rotating it when hits an obstruction. Eventually you can usually get it past that check-valve and into the tank. Watch the gasoline carefully in the hose as you start the siphon. The flow will be slow, but it will work…

I did try that process with 1/4 hose, but with no luck. I’ll try again hopefully this time with success. Thanks much.

Great idea tardis. Never would have thought of that. Only thing extra I would do is make sure the vehicle was away form the house when that operation is performed - just in case.