Siphoning gas


We need to replace the fuel pump on our 99 Suburban. We JUST filled it up–$75! We’d like to siphon the gas into our other vehicles, but can’t get past the anti-rollover valve, or whatever it is that is blocking the hose. Is there anything we can do?


I’m not quite sure exactly how accessable everything is on this vehicle, but when I’ve had to drop a gas tank, I’ve found it’s sometimes easier to get the gas out with the filler tube removed.


Use a very small clear tube, 1/4" or 3/16" and you will be able to work it past the check-valve. The fuel transfer will take some time, but it will work.


I just replaced the fuel pump on my Trans Sport van last weekend. Sometimes with a bad fuel pump, you can jar it and get it to run temporarily by smacking the tank with a block of wood. This worked for the van, and I was able to disconnect the fuel filter, run the hose into a gas can, jumper the fuel pump test connector under the hood, and use the fuel pump to pump out the gas.

Other than that, I agree with disconnecting the filler hose at the tank. Youve gotta do it anyway. Then you can access the check ball and push it out of the way so you can siphon the gas.


Just out of curiosity, what tests were performed, and what were the results, which led to the decision to change the fuel pump? Of course, they were tests performed after the fuel filter had been replaced, weren’t they? And, did you refer to tests and checks such as shown at this web site: