Gas Siphon



How do you get the plastic tube into the gas tank on a 2002 Prism?

My car was totaled with a full tank & I’d like to recover the gas. Can’tget the tube to snake into the tank. Tried pumping the gas with the starter, but was way too slow.


punch a hole in the tank and collect the gasoline…


Bypass the fuel pump relay and just let the fuel pump pump all of the gas out.
(There’s an anti-rollover valve in the bottom of the filler tube that makes it all but impossible to snake a hose into the tank.


I atrongly recommend against punching a hole in the tank. It would only take one spark…it isn’t worth the risk. If you should try this anyway, at least use brass tools. Brass does not spark.

It may not be worth bothering for $35 worth of gas IMHO.


You could drop the tank a few inches and remove the filler or the fuel pump or the return line, but that seems like an awful lot of work. I would agree with mountainbike… gas just isn’t that expensive (yet).


But a SMALL (1/4") tube usually can be snaked in…The siphon process takes a long time, but it works…