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Gas siphon

My 1984 Camry is going to be heading to the salvage yard. Unfortunately, I just filled the gas tank. I figured I would siphon the gas before sending it off, but I’ve been having trouble getting the tube in far enough to get the gas. Any tips for manuevering the tube past the bends in the filler pipe?

You can’t siphon gas out of a Camry.

It’s easier to adapt a hose to the fuel system where the fuel pump pumps the fuel out of the tank by jumping the fuel pump relay socket.


Try using a smaller tube to siphon the gas… Sometimes a small tube can be worked past the restrictions built into filler-necks…1/4", 5/16, 3/8 O.D. tube will usually slip in. yeah it takes awhile, don’t walk away and forget it’s running!