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Intermittent electrical problem 2002 Jeep Liberty

About a half-dozen times in the past 2 weeks, the interior lights of my 2002 Jeep Liberty have gone on (the 2 over the rear view mirror and the one in the back tail gate). Nothing I do turns them off. They just eventually go off as mysteriously as they came on.

This is obviously a wiring issue but before I take it in, I’d like to have an idea as to where most likely the issue is.

Anyone have any ideas?

You should have your owners manual eh?

Check the fuse/relay spec section and see if there is a relay in the interior light dimmer switch circuit.

Lastly, a bad ground connection.

Also, you could have a faulty rheostat in that same switch.

Another suspect may be a fault in an associated circuit.
Is there something else operating on the same circuit?


I had a similar problem in a Volvo. It seems that the passenger rear door wasn’t latching completely, allowing the lights to come on under certain circumstances. Adjusted the door latch and haven’t had a problem since.

I had the same problem on my Ford Ranger and all it was was the door switchs that suppose to turn your overhead lights on when you open the doors. I would first check the drivers side switch. All these switches do is complete the circut to ground.

I have the same problem with my 2002 liberty. It’s somehow connected to the turn signal. Mine comes on when I use it. Jiggling the turn signal turns it off.

I own a 2002 Liberty and have also experienced this exact same issue. I’ve had a difficult time trying to correlate actions that trigger the interior lights going on, but it seems to happen when making a turn or taking a curve. I’m not sure if the turn signal has anything to do with it, but the suggestions about a door latch being loose makes a lot of sense. I’m going to look into that.

I also own a 2002 Liberty. I have had the exact same problem. When I asked the dealer about it they told me it was the multifunction switch that needed replacing. however i dont know using the signal while going around a curve or taking a turn can create this problem. Any one get any resolution?

I have noticed the same problem. With so many people experiencing this why hasn’t or has the company put in a recall to fix the problem.