i have a 2002 jeep liberty 89000ml v6,runs good.but ever since ive own it i cant turn the interior lights on, dont get me wrong they work fine but for some reason.if i leave the switch in the on position the come on about every five minutes,therefor running my battery dead,so is there a cheap fix other than buying that switch assembly?then just turning it off like ive been doin(>#**&!###$ jeep)

I had a similar problem with a 95 Jetta. Used to use up batteries once per year starting the week I bought it new. I finally figured out (guessed) it was the dome light sometimes, rarely not turning off (there is some electronics somewhere that keeps the light on for a few minutes after you leave the car). just left it in the OFF position, battery fine after that.

The intermittent was so rare, occurring only a few times a year, that I never even thought about troubleshooting it. Or replacing the switch (but could be one of several switches, or an electronic timer somewhere). Besides, fix it and it may fail again next week, and another dead battery.

So back to your problem, I suspect you really don’t know which switch to replace… I doubt it’s the switch on the dome light itself. just leave it off.