Interior lights won't go off

Recently I’ve discovered that after turning off the ignition to my '92 Buick LeSabre (and ensuring all doors are properly shut), the overhead and under-dash lights do not go off as they should- they just remain on. Strange this is happening all of a sudden. Anybody with any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated! THANK YOU!

There is a switch on one of the interior lights, often the one in the center of the roof. The switch will be marked “on”, “off”, “door”. Somehow the switch has been moved from door to on. Locate the switch and check it.

If the switch is on door then a switch on one of the door jams is not working, it is telling the car a door is open when in fact the door is closed.

Open and shut all your doors and trunk to be sure they are closed tight. Sometimes they are only partially closed.

Another possible is the light switch that controls the brightness of your dashboard lights has been rotated all the way until is clicks, that turns on the interior lights. Check your owner’s manual for the location of these switches.

To: ‘UncleTurbo,’ …Just wanted to send along a ‘thank you,’ for your suggestions- appreciate it! Re: interior light problem