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Intermediate shaft

2002 montecarlo ss intermediate shaft making nocking noise gm recomends lubing it the gm parts said the same on this year modelwhat is your opion.not sure what to do

Follow the manufactures advise, Lube it, Can’t loose.

i was thinking the same thing wanted to try to do this my self but their is alot i dont know about the iss .their is a link i found were you can use lithium grease and spray on the knuckles underin the steering wheel.i tried this it took some noise away but still have the nocking their.this needs to be done every 2 years or so.and the new iss got the same recall so far.this is happing to alot of impalas ans montecarlo had it lubed in 06 or around their.trying to save some money.while i got a aptt at gmc to lube .this was one issue that i was not able to do myself have a great day

I Don’t Think The Problem Is Just In Lubing The Knuckles

The whole center portion of the shaft slides, a shaft sliding in a tube (variable length), lubricated with grease. Stop by a dealer Parts Departmentment and ask to see one. Most dealers will stock one for your car.

I believe that for just over a year now the new replacement shaft is supposed to be a better design than the original part. Regreasing will eventually need regreasing.
I replaced the one on my Bonneville and my son’s Impala.

while i took your advice.going to get it replaced.maid aptt for december1.this iss issue i was not able to do myself.really i wanted to learn about this and try to tackle the iss myself to save some alot of great advice.and learned alot also.thankyou for all the info. dominic