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Hearing clicking noise in steering

hearing clicking noise when i turn the wheel to the far right.when parked or not hear a noise while this normal.02montecarlo ss 46000 miles thanks dominic

Possible worn cv-joint or perhaps a worn wheel bearing.

One Click Or More? Can It Be Described as A Clunk? Can You Feel It In The Steering Wheel?

Many GM cars from this era have intermediate steering shafts that need greasing or replacement with a newer version. However, this is usually a subtle clunk, sometimes multiple times, usually turning in both directions and can be felt in the steering wheel. It’s like a “popping” sensation. It gets drowned out while driving. The fix for this should fall in the $150 to $300 range. Most dealers even stock the shafts. Arrange to have a GM tech go for a drive with you. This should be a fairly easy diagnosis.

i think you are are correct.the dealer had to grease the bearings on this car. around 3 years do i go about greasing this intermediate this someting that i can do myself.trying to save a few bucks.any information would be great thanks.dom

talked to my mechanic he told me he would have to replace the intermiate steering shaft.he would not just put grease on the shaft.will not fix the problem.he told me the part was 139 labor65 to 75.from what you told me that seems like a good price. would this be something that needs to be corrected asap.going to have in all done on dec 1 when i will be due for inspection.the clicking is not real bad .what would you suggest

one click when turing the wheel no real loud but i noticed it 4 days ago.i had a similar situation in 06 uner warranty he greaed intermediate shaft should i have this done asap or can i wait untill december1 when i can get the inspection at the same time or is this dangerous to drive any info on this subject would be great.thanks dominic

There is no danger driving with the clunking intermediate steering shaft.

You could drive the vehicle until the wheels fall off from old age and nothing would happen. Just a slight clunking, not clicking.

When your mechanic said grease would not fix the problem he was right in that greasing is temporary. In less than a few moths it would start all over again.

This is more common with GMs trucks/suvs though.

My '02 Tahoe has done this from day one with no problem.

I feel this more when spotting my travel trailer on a campsite than any other time.

This Problem has Not Prompted A Recall To My Knowledge

The intermediate shaft problem has not resulted in a safety related recall, as far as I know. I have been told it is not a safety issue. People operate their cars with this problem indefinitely.

I am not going to tell you your car is safe and that the problem is only an annoyance caused by the intermediate steering shaft as I have not driven your car and I’m not a certified GM technician. Trust the wisdom of a certified technician. she/he can advise you of safety concerns. Should this be the problem, the estimate you got is reasonable. The replacement part is supposed to be improved.

There is a grease kit sold by GM that is less expensive, but I don’t know about labor cost to remove your shaft, grease it, and reinstall it. Try the Chevy dealer and inquire about a lube kit # 26098237 for about $14. This repair may not last as long as the improved part, but will save a little money.

The repair isn’t that difficult, requiring removal of two pinch bolts, one on each end of the shaft. When it comes to connecting my steering wheel to the steering rack however, I choose to let an experienced mechanic do it. They do these all the time and that’s not a lot of labor cost. I’ll save money somewhere else.

Good luck!

Here’s A “Do-It-Yourself” For Your O2 Monte!

Click this link and have a look. That’s the lube kit I referred to.

Good day!

P.S. I believe this was done before the improved replacement shaft, but kit is still available.

‘common sense anwser’ gm wants 87 dollars just to grease it.i really appreciate your anwsers.they are very helpfull.and i do now to much about the intermediate shaft.i learned alot from your info thanks again is a great link also.thankyou dominic

You’re Welcome!